The Opportunity

BNS Worldwide, a real opportunity for Entrepreneurs


In Nuestra Historia we’ve shared our mission and vision. Now we want to share with you what we, the five partners of BNS, have learned from experiences in relational marketing in more than half a century:

  • That this is the ideal vehicle for the entrepreneurs of the twenty-first century
  • That the WIN-WIN business model is the most successful
  • That the horizontal are replacing the hierarchy organizations
  • That leading is by example
  • That sincere recognition inspires action
  • That 1% of 100 is more powerful than the 100% of one
  • That professional development comes from personal growth
  • That this is an opportunity to succeed in for anyone


oportunidad para emprendedores


Because of this, we decided to look for a company that complies with these fundamental principles and values that we believe in.

We were focusing on the following six points:

  1. Choose the appropriate company

The appropriate company has to be one that understands the present situation of thousands of people who are looking for a career, and an economic and business change. A company that will develop an opportunity and base its growth in the personal and professional development of others.

2. The products or services must be of high demand or consumption

This point is essential if the company is looking for a loyal costumer and real sales, and it is also crucial for obtaining income in the short term and residual income in the long term.

3.  The company has to guarantee the products or services

It is so important to have a business based on consumer products in high demand, as is the quality and satisfaction guarantee to consumers of these products.

4.  You must have a replicable business model

We understand that having a duplicable business is one that provides the opportunity for the greatest number of potential entrepreneurs and does not need large investments to develop it. In addition, you must have a training system that is tailored to the personal and professional needs of its members, based on fundamental principles of success adapted to new technologies.

5. That the company is led by people with proven successful experience in the industry

A business in the relational marketing is a business of people who sell services and/or products, in addition, offering quality and customer satisfaction. It is necessary to establish value, ethics, professionalism and integrity to the business opportunity. So it is crucial to have good knowledge of who is leading the mission and the vision of the company. Because of these principles, the value of the organization and the strength of the long-term business will arise from the leaders who build it.

6. It must have a dynamic COMPENSATION PLAN, fair with the results obtained.

  1. That it is possible to get real results with your effort.
  2. That the career plan is designed to allow any person, who wishes it, can achieve results in the short and long term.
  3. That the career plan advances without limitations the leadership positions.
  4. That the residual incomes are attainable for everyone from the beginning.

In our research, we did not find a company to comply with these crucial requirements. Therefore, we decided to create BNS Worldwide.

We are prepared for another half-century of challenges, dreams, wonderful people, personal and economic growth, and especially the opportunity to enjoy the experience together.

We will be very enthusiastic to hear that you have joined us  on this new journey and become a part of the history of BNS Worldwide.

[testimonial image=”” name=”Miguel Ángel Cornejo” title=””]We cannot predict our future, but yes, we can reinvent ourselves and our future.[/testimonial]


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