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Jesús Manuel García Torres
Co-founder and General Manager
Jesus has 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur in several sectors and more than 20 years in Relational Marketing, direct sales and training of work teams. He has created a network of thousands of people in sectors such as telecommunication, finance, insurance, and products. He is recognized and acknowledged at the European level within the relational marketing industry.
He is passionate about personal growth, human potential and teamwork, and any factors that raise the human growth and development in all its perspectives.

Alex Escrivà Romero
Co-founder and Finance Director
Alex has 19 years of experience as an entrepreneur in the Real Estate Sector and restoration. In addition, the last four years he has a successful record in direct selling. Throughout his career he has consistently demonstrated his commitment, professionalism, and strong ethics in the management of financial, and human resources. He is a big admirer of relational marketing, as it provides unlimited opportunity, without limits to the independent business person, where the possibilities for personal growth and economic depend on each and every one of us.

Manuel Cobos Gallardo
Co-founder and Director of Technology Marketing
Manuel has a Diploma in Senior Management from the International Institute of San Telmo (IESE) and in Business Management and Marketing, specializing in e-business, at the University of Palermo. With 23 years of business experience developed in Spain and Argentina in sectors such as technology (Unisys), Ford, Hotels (Accor and Four Seasons Hotels), distribution (Leroy Merlin). Self Employer of the direct sales and enthusiastic of relational marketing, he sees this as an economical vehicle that powers the auto entrepreneurship and self-employment.

Chari Núñez Zamora
Co-founder, Director of Compliance and Attention to the adviser.
Chari began her career as a manager in the public administration. For more than 20 years she is dedicated to the relational marketing, direct sales and training of work groups, proving her ability in support and management of teams.
BNS understands that the importance of service and personalized attention both to the adviser and to the customer are two fundamental pillars in the development of our mission.
For all these reasons during her entire career in the relational marketing has been recognized for its good work and dedication to services.

Susanne Gabric
Co-founder and Director of International Expansion
Susanne has 22 years of experience as an entrepreneur, working in the world of franchises and the distribution of cosmetic products in Spain. With her above experience and her four years of experience in direct sales, she will be instrumental in helping BNS’s new cosmopolitan vision expanding internationally. Susanne speaks English, German, Spanish, Hungarian and Serbo-Croatian.

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Because you are an essential part of the team of BNS worldwide, in addition to bringing value, you will give meaning to the BNS mission worldwide.

Because to cover our customer’s needs, expectations and satisfaction, will provide us the indicators of value and quality parameters we need, to improve the service offered, build value and grow together.

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