The 10 keys to obtain effective interviews and a profitable business

Business interviews, whether to obtain a customer or a new partner, are the fundamental basis for a profitable business. Like any aspect of your company, there are details that you need to keep in mind:

1. To begin a successful process, the first step is  drawing up a list of potential clients or partners.


2. Arrange an interview. To get an interview, it is important  to propose the content of value for both: Would you be interested to know an important project in the most emerging sectors of the economy which you could participate in? People invest their time in exchange for valuable information; both add a value to this meeting. To find that value, that is the key.

3. If necessary write up several texts that serve you as a guide while holding a telephone conversation. Remember that the closure of the interview is a success when you provide value to the other person to take an interest in what you’re proposing. Ask the right questions and pay attention to them. He/She will provide information on what they think, or may be they will be interested in the project.

4. Remember, a telephone conversation should last no more than two or three minutes. The objective of the call is to get an interview, do not transmit the information over the phone.  By phone, each word, each phrase, is the first impression that you are giving on your project. There is never a second chance to create a good first impression. The script must not be forced, but matched to each person. The value you will provide will be in an interview, not on the phone.

5. The success of the call is achieved when you close the call and schedule with a place, day and hour. “One of these days is not in any calendar”

6.  New technologies  allow business meetings to be successful even from great distances, however, our advice is that, whenever possible, is to empathize and interact with a person, in person, which increases the chances that it will be a successful meeting. If we do so, in subsequent encounters, new technologies will play in your favor to maintain direct contact with your new associate or client.

7. Dedicate the first ten minutes of the interview to learn about the needs and concerns of the other person. Then you will be able to apply the correct information on how to offer your business or product.

8. During the interview, you must provide the information in a clear and concise manner:

* Who is the company and who leads it, what is your experience.

* In which markets they operate.

* What are the benefits in the short, medium and long term.

* And fundamentally, the person can participate either as a partner or as a client.

9. The goal of the first interview is to conclude another interview, for two reasons:

* In the case of not making a decision on the spot, they will have sufficient time to digest the idea. This will provide more time for you to prepare more information for the following appointment, which will provide  more valuable and concise information about your business or product.

* In the event that a decision has been made, a new meeting should be made to begin to work as a partner or to find out how things have gone with that product they purchased.

10. In the business, there is no magic: By repeating these 10 steps, as often as possible, you’ll have more possibilities of success!

¡ The BNS Team wish you many successes!